14 03 2015

 1:Be grateful,     学会感恩

2:Choose your friends wisely.    明智的选择自己的朋友

3:Cultivate compassion.        培养同情心

4:Keep learning.                    不断学习

5:Become a problem slover.             学会解决问题

6:Do what you love                  做你想做的事情

7:Live in the present.                      活在当下

8:Laugh often.                                要经常笑

9:Practice forgiveness                     学会原谅

10:Say thanks often                        要经常说谢谢

11:Create deeper connections                 学会深交

12:Keep your agreement                 守承诺

13:Meditate                       冥想

14:focus on what you are doing                  关注你在做的事

15:Be optimistic                                         要乐观

16:Love unconditionally                       无条件的爱

17:Donnot give up                            不要放弃

18:Do your best and then let go                   做最好的自己

19:Take care of yourself                               好好照顾自己

20:Give back         学会给予